Vision, Purpose & Values


Enabling positive change in Tasmanian communities through work, skills and cooperation. 


To understand the needs of Tasmanians who are looking for work; prepare Tasmanians for employment; place Tasmanians in meaningful jobs; and help Tasmanians keep in work - for the benefit of individuals, families and communities.


Workskills has three Strategic Priorities:

  1. Understand, Prepare, Place, Keep
  2. People Focused
  3. Smart and Sustainable

Strategic Plan 2022-2023

Our Values

We do the right thing by each other, our clients, our stakeholders and the Tasmanian community.  We are honest, ethical and fair. We match our commitments with outcomes.  

We respect the people we work with, focusing on their strengths, knowledge, skills and experience.

We work collaboratively to achieve our goals.  We are inclusive, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together to achieve common aims for mutual benefit.

We are adaptable, agile and think outside the box.  We foster creativity, adopt technology, and embrace better ways of working. 

We are focused on achieving outcomes and we are transparent in measuring our impact. We are committed to service quality and continuous improvement.  We aim to be an efficient and sustainable organisation that helps Tasmanians over the long-term. 

We care deeply about Tasmanian communities, and use this passion to motivate people to achieve their goals in work and life. 

Every staff and board member is accountable to themselves, and each other, for fulfilling our vision, purpose and values, and the strategic priorities set out in this plan. 

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