Triple Shot Coffee Program

Triple Shot Coffee Program

Recently Workskills, in conjunction with Lou from The Mocha Rocket and David an experienced coach and mentor for Motiv8r, delivered the Triple Shot Coffee Program.

Triple Shot Coffee is a practical, fun, and effective four-day program that offers our clients a hands-on experience to assist with developing new skills and knowledge to bring them closer to their employment goals.

Throughout the program, our clients gained practical skills in coffee making, specific hospitality knowledge on how to secure a job in their desired industry, and more importantly, confidence and motivation all while having fun!

Some of the feedback from our clients included:

“The program was so much more than I expected”

“I have learned more in the last 4 days about resumes than I ever have and I have gained so much self-confidence”

“I am now happy knowing I can get a job anywhere improving my skills and confidence working towards my career goals!”

This program is delivered by Workskills in partnership with Motiv8r and The Mocha Rocket.

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