Asha’s Transition to Work Journey: A Valuable Story for School Leavers

Asha’s success through the Transition to Work program can serve as a valuable reference for school leavers and those interested in exploring various paths.

Asha’s dedication to pursuing her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Support with Foresite while also landing a casual job at Child’s Play Early Learning is truly commendable. Through coaching, she recognised that she’s a pro at multitasking and has valuable skills like time management, prioritisation, resilience, and independence, which are now enabling her to balance work and studies.

The Transition to Work Program supported Asha with course enrolment, resume and cover letter writing, job search, applications, and work clothing. She’s also working towards her P1 license, and her Youth Coach will be there to help her with the test when she’s ready.

When asked for her feedback, Asha asserted,

“I think the program is very helpful, and it assisted me in getting a job. The team behind it is great and very supportive. I feel my confidence has improved. I also highly recommend the program to others.”

Her cheerful personality, self-motivation, reliability, and politeness make her stand out and we’ll keep cheering for Asha as she levels up. Here’s to owning your journey just like Asha!

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