Successful Transition into Sustainable Employment Through Transition to Work program

Sustainable employment

We are proud of Fynn’s successful transition into sustainable employment through the Transition to Work program delivered by us.

Fynn embarked on this journey in February 2022 with an ambition to secure an apprenticeship. His determination was evident from the start. After steering through his skillset, Fynn had a pivotal meeting with our Employer Services Officer (ESO), Avril. Together, they explored available opportunities within our local community and delved into his passion for specific industries. This meeting was made possible through Fynn’s dedicated coach, Trevor, who was crucial in supporting his career aspirations.

Just one week later, Fynn had the privilege of sitting down for an interview with Jon, one of Avril’s contacts at Pane Placements. They discussed a potential role as an apprentice Glazier, and it quickly became apparent that he was a standout candidate. His interview left a mark on Jon and the team at Pane Placements. The good news continued for Fynn as he triumphantly secured the position, commencing full-time work in October 2022.

Fast forward to today, Fynn is on the cusp of completing his first year as an apprentice at Pane Placements.

Recently, ESO Avril paid a visit to one of Pane Placements’ warehouses to connect with Fynn and offer heartfelt congratulations on his remarkable first year of apprenticeship.

Fynn’s success embodies the very essence of the Workskills Tasmania mission – empowering individuals to build brighter futures. The perseverance shown by Fynn, along with the expert backing of our team, is indeed worth a shout out.

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