WAS Participant, Shemi Gets Referred into Self Employment Assistance Program

Self Employment Assistance Program

Big shout out to Shemi for his fantastic effort in setting up the Derwent Valley Visitor Information Centre!

Shemi has been a participant with us in Workforce Australia Services. During coaching conversations, his employment coach, Sondra, learned about his desire to be his own boss and his research into the potential for an information centre in the New Norfolk area, promoting its beautiful scenery and attractions to tourists.

Sondra backed his business idea and referred him to the Self-Employment Assistance (SEA) program provided by Asuria Australia locally. Introducing him to the SEA program gave him the resources he needed to learn the ropes of running a business. The program offered training in developing a business plan, inputs into financial management, and business networking tips to help him grow.

Shemi opened the Information Centre in March, and the grand opening is just around the corner. The centre aspires to be a vibrant hub showcasing the Derwent Valley and selling local produce. Already, the shelves are decorated with local goodies and art, and extended its services to include laundry facilities, for the community’s convenience.

We are confident, Shemi’s idea is set to become a helpful resource for both tourists and locals by enhancing the visitor experience and contributing to the local economy. With the support of professional mentors, Shemi is well on his way to achieving his entrepreneurial goals.

Congrats again, Shemi!

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